Are you staying on OnlyFans or moving your followers to another platform?

Regardless of your choice, make sure to follow all your un-subscribed Fans. Following your expired Fans allows you to message them even though their subscription has expired. Turn those expired Fans into unlocks or funnel them to your new Platform.

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Install our Official Google Chrome Extension. There's also a link right in your Hypehub account.

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When your Fans subscription ends... that doesn't mean the unlocks have to! By following your expired Subscribers you can direct & mass message them, maximizing your unlocks and earning potential.

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We made OF Follower to simplify your life. No more waiting for your expired Fans page to load; we fully understand it's a hassle to manually follow each Fan. With just the click of a button let OF Follower do the work for you. Free up your time and get more unlocks today.

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We've partnered with Hypehub to deliver great features that simplify your hustle. From our Fan follower to their OnlyFans migration tools. We're happy to support creators with the best marketing tools available. Regardless of what platform you choose.

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We hate math but LOVE money. With OF Follower you get approximately 3000 follows per account for FREE. That's over 36,000 Fans per account.

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Word on the street.

Phoenix Marie

"I have the best fans and they are diehard loyal. I literally had no idea that following my expired fans back on Onlyfans could make such a huge difference in revenue on my page. Hands down the best tool I've used to grow my Onlyfans revenue."

Milfy MacGyver

"The features between OF Follower and Hypehub have streamlined the grunt work behind my brand overnight! Solutions for every platform finally exist with ease and leaves me more time to create and connect with the most important aspect of my work. My fans!"

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